Is Bad Quality Ruining Your Live Sports Streaming Business?

Watch Colin Dixon’s video interview with SSIMWAVE CEO Dr. Abdul Rehman to learn:

  • Which streaming service delivered the best viewer experience at this weekend’s F1 Belgian Grand Prix?
  • How much does viewer experience vary between services carrying the same game or event?
  • What are the top 3 things that sports streaming providers can easily do today to ensure their quality is up to the competition, so subscribers don’t leave them for another service?

Listen to the extended version of the interview @Inside the Stream podcast to learn more about SSIMWAVE’s findings and how sports services can improve the video quality they deliver to keep their subscribers engaged and happy.

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Download the F1 Belgian Grand Prix video captures and frames used in the interview. The provided content should be viewed on a large screen TV to get the best understanding of the quality variations over time and across streaming services.